Welcome to Jackson Educational Services; we give you a helping hand in 

setting new horizons for your life-long learning goals.


We design web-based programs, courses and course tools for academia, nonprofit organizations and private industry. Additionally, we provide e-learning support at the learner, trainer/instructor, and administrative levels. 

At the learner level, JES supports our learners throughout their education, or training process.  We provide virtual mentoring and tutoring. We help our clients achieve their goals.  We design tools to help in your learning process.  We help our clients navigate learning in both distance and traditional settings. 

At the trainer/instructor level, JES mentors our clients throughout the professional development process. We will provide virtual mentoring through analysis of recorded assessments. We sit with the trainer/instructor and a peer mentor to view recording of instructional sessions. We help trainers/instructor integrate information and communication technologies into their instructional environments for both distance and traditional environments. We work with the trainer/instructor to improve the process in order to reach learning outcomes.

At the administrative level, JES provides evaluation and assessment of instruction and functionality of organizations. We analyze to see if the organization is functioning in a manner to achieve overall organizational goals in terms of human capital development with respect to information and communication technologies. We provide virtual supervision in teaching and training environments.  We help profit, nonprofit, religious and private organizations with the integration of information and communication technologies. JES designs virtual learning/training environments in science, business and distance education.


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JES is expanding our services to provide support for the home schooled. Initially, we planned to provide training and online aid to parents just in academic areas. We are now adding additional service based on demand for organizational support in other areas important to the complete development of the home schooled.


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